Ghrayba homs 500g

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The homsia, or more commonly called the ghrayba or grayba homs, is a great classic of traditional Tunisian pastry. This recipe based on chickpeas (homs) comes to us from our ancestors, and continues to transcend time and generations, without ever leaving the tables during afternoon breaks or in the morning to accompany coffee or tea.

Ingredients: Chickpeas, wheat flour, sugar, corn oil, butter, bulking agent (E1200), corn starch.

Nutritional value per 100g: 430 kcal, Cholesterol 20 mg, lipids 20g, Sodium 15 mg, Potassium 420 mg, Sugars 60 g, Proteins 10 g, Calcium 80 mg, Iron 2.5 mg

Allergens: Milk, Gluten. Traces of sulphite, peanuts and nuts are present.
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