Maison Masmoudi, since 1972…

Maison Masmoudi is the signature of fine gastronomy and the quintessence of a passed down heritage.

Fine pastry founded in 1972 in Sfax, Tunisia, by Madame Masmoudi, it is this proud and faithful tradition, with subtle and timeless richness.

Our story is unique, like that of any family that shares emotions and dreams. This mother who has managed, over the years, to bring her children together around gastronomy, around oriental pastries.

Through each recipe or each oriental pastry creation, it is a message of generosity and sharing.

A modest but exceptional woman, fighter and tireless... Determined and in love with her art in oriental pastry, a perfect alliance of tradition and modernity, these are the values ​​that we find, today, in each Masmoudi sweetness!

When tradition innovates!

Our mission is to offer you this symphony in the mouth which draws on the noblest ingredients of our tradition. We have been able to combine, with subtlety and expertise, local values ​​with notions of innovation and creativity.

We have mastered processes that allow us to offer you impeccable quality and flawless traceability, with every Masmoudi bite, with every bite of Tunisian pastry.

Sharing without limits

We started by making fine Tunisian, Algerian, Lebanese and Moroccan pastries before developing other ranges. Always faithful to traditions, we share with you our terroir, oriental colors, warm and pleasant, this holiday note for all occasions! Between the taste of tradition and innovation, our major concern is to offer you original and unique oriental pastries.

Discover our delicatessen corners: savory groceries and sweet groceries , without forgetting to taste Zrir!

Our values

Maison Masmoudi is a treasure trove of traditions that it shares in each of its creations to have the best oriental pastry.

Ms. Moufida Masmoudi remains passionate about the history of her region and its pastry traditions. She knew how to pass on her knowledge with love, over the generations, for an invaluable treasure in the mouth!

The legacy of a passion!

Whether for Tunisian pastries or delicatessens, we wish to offer you all the richness of this cultural heritage!

Succumbing to Masmoudi delicacies means embarking on a journey of flavors through the pages of a book, to encounter a Mediterranean so rich and precious. It is also a journey to the Maghreb countries with flavors of Tunisian, Algerian and Moroccan pastries.

The values ​​that define us differentiate us and we attach great importance to them!

Tradition reinvented

We draw on our roots to innovate around Tunisian pastries and introduce you to new creations that combine the traditional flavor of our recipes and the aesthetics of presentation.

Don't miss the beauty of lace kaak warka, a reinvention of Tunisian kaak warka!

Come to my table!

Driven by this same spirit of consideration and closeness with its customers, whom it still refers to as “its guests”, Maison Masmoudi always manages to delight the senses with its creations of oriental pastries appreciated in the four corners of the world.

And with a lot of love, Maison Masmoudi shares the recipes for its oriental pastries on its social networks.

Our expertise

Maison Masmoudi has built its success around a passion,
that of the traditional art of fine pastry.

Our rich experience in oriental pastries allows us both to master ancestral recipes and processes, but also to excel and make our own contribution to the influence of this discipline of gastronomy.

Unique know-how!

The scrupulous work of these raw materials, by hand, is similar to the work of goldsmiths making jewelry from precious materials.

The constant search for refined flavors, the careful work of aesthetics and shapes, combined with these noble materials create the harmony essential to the creation of these beneficial pleasures.

This is why we knew how to keep this touch that sets us apart, for a better oriental pastry!

Our oriental pastries are unique, and we make sure of it! Our know-how is generously shared, the recipe for several of your favorite oriental pastries is available on our social networks

Artisanal know-how
which aligns with international standards

Today, our family business has managed to preserve its artisanal manufacturing while aligning its quality, hygiene and traceability processes with the most demanding international standards.

Thanks to unique know-how, carefully transmitted from generation to generation, we develop while managing to remain faithful to our sense of excellence and respect for our heritage.

We have traveled with our know-how to the four corners of the world. You find Masmoudi as the best oriental pastry in Paris, Marseille, Lyon or Nancy.

And more sharing!

The reputation for the superior and exemplary quality of Maison Masmoudi's confections has continued to grow and is soon changing gastronomic customs.

Today, in addition to traditional pastries, kaak warka, zrir... and pastry creations, we have developed exquisite delicatessen products, both savory and sweet. They are based on local recipes and high quality ingredients.

Masmoudi quality

Maison Masmoudi, since its creation,
has always imposed total quality as a working rule.

We consider this commitment to be inseparable from traditional practices inherited from the demands of past master pastry chefs.

Today our quality requirements have been formalized through international standards, and we follow recognized and continuous control procedures and methods, to guarantee impeccable quality to our oriental pastries.

Quality raw materials

We use the best ingredients in the production of our oriental pastries. Our suppliers are carefully selected and offer maximum safety in the ingredients used in the preparation of our pastries, biscuits, zrir, etc.

Food safety, a priority!

Because customer satisfaction is the most valuable thing at Masmoudi, we are committed to a quality approach involving all functions and all internal employees, in a system oriented towards “Total Quality”.

This system allows us to guarantee a healthy product both on a microbiological and physico-chemical level, through total control of the manufacturing processes. Our know-how is intended to be artisanal, but without risk, thanks to the 500 instant control points for the hygiene of places, products, staff and production.

To do this, we have implemented a flawless traceability system. Thus, we can ensure ascending and descending traceability that traces the history of production, from receipt of the raw material to the finished product.

ISO 9001 Certification (2015 version)

Proof of the performance of the Masmoudi quality system in its production laboratories, the ISO 9001 certification (version 2015) delivered by SGS confirms the commitment of Masmoudi management to a continuous quality approach. We also plan to implement new certifications to ensure you get the best quality in a sustainable approach!

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