Recipe Iced tea with mint syrup

  • Jan 17, 2024
  • By Patisserie Masmoudi



Masmoudi mint green tea bags contain quality green tea, flavored with mint. They are practical and allow you to enjoy good tea anytime and anywhere. They come with or without sugar to suit your taste.


You can prepare tea in a teapot, a pitcher or a pretty carafe.

Pour the contents of the 5 Masmoudi tea bags from our delicatessen range into the container . For this recipe, we use Masmoudi green tea with mint without sugar since the syrup will add its sweet touch.

Heat the water and pour it over the tea. Leave the mixture to rest.

Cut the lemons into slices. When the tea has cooled, add the lemon slices and fresh mint.

Finally, add our Masmoudi mint syrup , natural without coloring , carefully made in our workshops.

Refresh with ice cubes as desired.

This drink will accompany the relaxing breaks of your summer afternoons for a light and healthy refreshment with a pronounced mint taste.


Serve the iced tea in pretty summer-decorated glasses, chilled in the fridge in advance. Decorate your glasses with a few fresh mint leaves and lemon slices.