Tiramisu Recipe

  • Jan 17, 2024
  • By Patisserie Masmoudi

Want a fresh and tasty dessert? Tiramisu is a great classic for meals with family and friends, which comes to us from Italy. The refined aroma of coffee contrasts with the softness of the cream, in a marriage of freshness and sweetness.

Here, the Bachkoutou Masmoudi bring an unusual note to the recipe, a very Tunisian touch! Our Choco Hazelnut Masmoudi Spread is the rich and sweet finishing touch to this dessert.


Bachkoutou Masmoudi , the real bachkoutou biscuit, is one of the Tunisian culinary specialties. This treat, which can be enjoyed as a dessert or snack, will please both adults and children. The must for breakfast!


Prepare filter coffee with Arabica coffee in your coffee maker in advance. Let cool. Whip the liquid cream with a mixer. Add the mascarpone and continue to whisk.

Dip the Bachkoutou Masmoudi in cold coffee one by one and place a layer in your dish.

Spread a layer of chocolate hazelnut spread. Add a cream-mascarpone layer.

Arrange a second layer of biscuits dipped in coffee. Spread a second layer of chocolate hazelnut spread, followed by a second layer of mascarpone cream.

Add a final layer of Masmoudi Choco Hazelnut Spread and chill. Sprinkle with cocoa powder when serving.

Masmoudi Choco Hazelnut Spread is a creamy paste with hazelnuts and chocolate, without additives and preservatives. It is ideal to accompany your pancakes, breads, toast, ice cream, muffins, cakes, pancakes... For those with a sweet tooth, it can also be eaten with a spoon.


Tiramisu is ideally made and served in a square or rectangular glass dish. This allows you to “showcase” the different layers of the cake.